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The Ocean City Reef Foundation depends on public, corporate and government donations to continue building and managing reefs off Maryland's only Coastal Resort.

One way we raise money is through our Annual Donations. An Annual Donor is given up-to-date reef maps that show where the material is located and the electronic coordinates so they can be found. The maps are literally the key to successful diving and fishing off Ocean City.

Donation Levels: We now offer two ways to submit your donations.

1. Use the form below to select your donation amount, then complete the required information to submit your donation via PayPal.

Select Donation Amount:
* 501(c)3 tax exempt foundation

2. Complete our donation form (available here) and mail it along with a check, made out to the Ocean City Reef Foundation, P.O. Box 1072, Ocean City, MD 21843.

As a 501(c)3 tax exempt foundation, individuals and businesses who care to support us through donations of money, materials or services may deduct the value or cost of their donation. In some cases the foundation will dedicate a portion of a reef to donors in recognition for their support. In short, your donation to the reef program gives more than a warm and fuzzy feeling it also gives you a tax break and a place to fish or dive.